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24/7 LIVE ANSWERING SERVICEGrow your business around the clock with 24-hour call coverage.

Be assured that your customers are listened to day or night. Since 1976, our Lafayette, La based agents have delivered reliable and professional service to businesses large and small, giving our clients a cost-effective way to handle their calls.

We provide exceptional client care with friendly, helpful assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A&M can and serves as a business solution- provider over many different industries including but not exclusive to: medical, oil and gas, commercial services, professional services, property management and governmental entities.

A&M is here to handle your client calls for you while you focus on delivering a quality product or service to them. If you require immediate phone support, we can set up your account within days instead of weeks.

Capture Sales Calls, Reduce Labor Costs

With your business availability during off- hours, you provide your customers with the flexibility on engaging with your business at their own convenience. We can dispatch sales leads after hours and weekends, improving your company’s bottom line. They will speak to a well-trained live agent at any time of the day instead of responding to a pre- recorded message or an automated service.

Quality US-based 24/7 live phone answering agents

Our agents are located at our offices in Lafayette, Louisiana. As a US-based phone call center, your phone calls will not be subjected to inferior-quality calls that are rampant with international call centers.

WHY A&M IS A GOOD FIT FOR YOU24/7 Live phone answering service
saves you time and money.

For specialized services like electricians, plumbers, HVAC and property management we can offer you an emergency dispatch and call escalation service. Your customer’s emergency calls are auto sent to your technicians within minutes of being received. Our service allows you to avoid having long call queues and relieve you of being inundated with calls throughout your working day. Using A&M will prevent constant work interruptions for your employees, allowing them to focus and improve productivity.

In addition to 24/7 live phone answering service, we can also help you with:

Great team of phone answering agents.

Our Lafayette, LA-based agents are professionally trained in top-notch phone answering service skills, virtual receptionist best practices, business etiquette, and client care services.