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LOCAL SERVICE PROVIDER PHONE ANSWERING SERVICEField questions from clients or monitor workers in the field.

Local Service Provider Phone Answering Services

A&M keeps your business open 24/7 by supporting you and your customers around the clock.

Don't miss an opportunity

A&M captures and sends you leads when you are away on the job.

24/7 phone answering service

Our highest-rated internal quality control process ensures that your clients receive the highest level of attention and professionalism with every call.

Urgent calls

Using your personalized scripts we determine if the call is an emergency, requiring immediate dispatch.

Increase appointment rates

Missed calls usually mean missed appointments and missed revenue for your business. Use A & M to capture and increase appointment setting rates.

US-based agents

Our Lafayette, LA-based virtual teams can answer calls, and take and deliver messages to other departments within your company.

Never miss an opportunity with 24/7 call answering

Cost efficiency is at the core of our service, A&M plans are billed based on what you use. We help you to save money on hiring full-time staff. Your new savings will allow you to invest in resources to improve and continue to provide exceptional service to the community. Your clients will always have a friendly, well-trained agent to speak with.

Small Operator Groups

We group our operators into small groups. This means that the number of operators answering your calls is kept to a select few. This group answers all of your calls – correctly- to your specifications thereby reducing mistakes. They become overly familiar with your account, how you want your calls handled, what is important to you, and deliver the level of service you expect.

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