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NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION ANSWERING SERVICEGrow your nonprofit organization with effective answering & messaging service.

Phone Answering Services for Non-profit Organizations

Exceptional Customer Care

Enjoy superior client care, where our agents act like an extension of your office.

US-based agents

Our Lafayette, LA-based virtual teams can answer calls, and take and deliver messages to other departments within your company.

Virtual Office Receptionist

A dedicated virtual receptionist will provide an office presence for your organization without the office or employees. Calls are answered in the name of your organization and routed based your instructions.

24/7 Live Telephone Answering

We proudly support your organization with 24/7 service including holidays, weekends, and after-hours. Every call is answered by a well-trained agent with instructions specific to your organization and then internally routed.

A&M Client Care Services:
Faith-based/Non-profit Organizations

History shows that faith-based organizations bring people together and can represent powerful agents for health and justice. Faith and community leaders strengthen the connections among the community and act as a pillar of guidance and stability in matters of the spirit. Your interactions with members of the broader world can say a lot about your organization. 

Who We Work With In The Non-Profit Industry

We manage calls for Non-Profit Organizations with 501c status including:

  • Research Centers
  • Religious Facilities and Organizations
  • Charitable Organizations
  • Urban and Rural Health Services & Clinics

Nonprofit organizations play a crucial role in the community. They impact our lives and address challenging social topics. As such we want to make sure you have the time to help others by managing incoming phone calls. As a non-profit answering service, we have the time, commitment, and professionalism necessary to efficiently and accurately handle your calls. A&M can manage your overflow calls, after-hours emergencies, and routine live receptionist duties.

Small Operator Groups

We group our operators into small groups. This means that the number of operators answering your calls is kept to a select few. This group answers all of your calls – correctly- to your specifications thereby reducing mistakes. They become overly familiar with your account, how you want your calls handled, what is important to you, and deliver the level of service you expect.

Reduce Labor Costs

Cost efficiency is at the core of our service, A&M plans are billed based on what you use. We help you to save money on hiring full-time staff and all fees associated with managing your organization’s phone service system. Your new savings will allow you to invest in resources to improve and continue to provide superior customer care. The people you serve will always have a friendly, well-trained agent to speak with.

Contact A&M about your faith-based / non-profit answering service needs.