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PHONE ANSWERING SERVICE FOR HEALTHCARE & MEDICAL INDUSTRYYour patient experience first - day or night.

Phone Answering Services for Healthcare

Never miss emergency calls

Never miss an emergency with our on-demand urgent call handling systems for your medical office.

24/7 medical attention for all

Our highest-rated internal quality control process ensures that your patients and family members will receive the highest level of attention and professionalism with every call.

After-hours medical reception

A dedicated medical virtual receptionist to handle all your patient's questions even when your office is closed.

Increase appointment rates

Missed calls usually mean missed appointments and missed revenue for your business. Use A&M to capture and increase appointment setting rates.

Prioritize urgent calls after hours

Provide your patients with a live phone answering agent anytime they call - day or night.

HIPAA compliant

A&M is a 24/7 HIPAA-compliant healthcare answering service that delivers professional and personalized assistance to physicians and other medical professionals

A&M Client Care Services: Healthcare

We are not in ordinary times and the need for modern medicine is more prevalent than ever. The demand for quality and exceptional customer care for your patients and the community you serve is higher than ever. As a healthcare provider, presenting and protecting a brand image to your patients is essential to your current and future operations.

Small Operator Groups

We group our operators into small groups. This means that the number of operators answering your calls is kept to a select few. This group answers all of your calls – correctly- to your specifications thereby reducing mistakes. They become overly familiar with your account, how you want your calls handled, what is important to you, and deliver the level of service you expect.

Reduce Labor Costs

Cost efficiency is at the core of our service, A&M plans are billed based on what you use. We help you to save money on hiring full-time staff and all fees associated with managing your own internal healthcare phone service system. Your new savings will allow you to invest in resources to improve and continue to provide exceptional patient care. Your patients and family members will always have a friendly, well-trained agent to speak with.

We can curate an experience in customer care like no other for your practice

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