MESSAGE TAKING & DISPATCHINGDispatching your messages at the most convenient times.

Message accuracy and prompt delivery is our focus at A&M. We deliver your messages at the most convenient time for you. Be it before, during or after the working hours or at specified intervals. Even if those instructions change according to your business needs on a day-to-day basis, our system and operators are more than able to accommodate.

Need us to hold your messages while you attend a meeting or conference call? No problem. Are you going out of town and need to set someone else as a point-of-contact for a few days? We can have that done in a matter of seconds. This is the ease and convenience you can expect to receive from A&M.

If you need your messages to be delivered to you instantly we can also accommodate and respond accordingly. If you wish to receive your messages every 30 minutes, every hour, or several times a day, we can handle that!

Choose from multiple delivery methods

Text Messaging

Text messaging is a fast and reliable way to ensure the message is delivered directly to your mobile device


We can call you to relay information by phone. We’ll provide a unique caller ID just for your account so you’ll know it’s us calling with important information. This is a good option if you don’t wake up to a text message when you’re sleeping.

Direct-Connect Patching

Want us to connect the caller directly to you? No problem! After calling you to confirm you’re available for a call, we connect the caller to you. We can also simply do a blind transfer to you without announcing the call.


Prefer a hard copy of your calls? Fax and or email delivery is the solution you’re looking for. Messages can be faxed or emailed as received or sent as a batch on the days and times that are most convenient for you.

How we deliver your messages

There are several methods of how we can deliver your messages, those include SMS texting, email, fax, or speaking to a person. You even have the option of choosing multiple destinations for your messages to be delivered so you and your employees have access to them no matter if you’re in the office or on the go.

If you want us to notify you instantly about specific calls and messages, we will indeed transfer them to you immediately using your preferred method of contact.

We have trained professional operators to handle your calls and direct your messages without delay. You decide the questions our operators ask and criteria to collect from your customers, and can modify them to your perfection.

Message taking & dispatching service FAQs.

Your customer calls your number and we take their name, phone number and a brief message for you. A&M then sends these details immediately to your selected mobile phone via SMS text message or email.
See who we serve for the extensive list of industries we provide message taking and delivery services to.
No, our agents are located in Lafayette, LA but we service the entire United States. Contact us to see how best we can help you.
Yes, your callers will call your office or contact number. The only difference is that the calls will be forwarded to A&M when you are not available. The calls will then be handled by our live agents.
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Call us for further inquiries


In addition to a reliable dispatch phone service for small businesses, we can also help you with:

Great team of dispatchers.

Our Lafayette, LA-based agents are professionally trained in top-notch phone answering service skills, virtual receptionist best practices, business etiquette, and client care services.