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CALL CENTER SOLUTIONS FOR GOVERNMENT Effective and timely communication to citizens.

Phone Answering Services for Governmental Agencies

Disaster Response Call Center

What matters most in a crisis is finding a voice to ask for assistance. We offer a communication infrastructure that routes calls, disseminates information, and organizes quick catastrophe responses.

24/7 Answering and Dispatch

Our highest-rated internal quality control process ensures that calls are swiftly sent where they need to go, and agencies are never out of contact. Emergency outages receive prompt, efficient, and guaranteed responses.

Government Hotlines

A dedicated medical virtual receptionist can disseminate information, or anonymously gather complaints regarding fraud, waste, or abuse.

Live Answering Service

Governments that require live call answering can rely on our highly experienced agents to provide them with a procedure that meets their requirements.

A & M Client Care Services: Governmental Agencies

Since 1976, A&M has been providing government offices with our world-class telephone answering and call center services. Your agencies will receive the highest level of expert call handling and message processing necessary for all of your vital communications thanks to our significant call answering experience with all levels of Federal, State, City, and Municipal government offices.

What We Do And How You Benefit From Us

At A&M, we dispatch urgent calls for several different departments including: streets and drainage, reports of traffic signal malfunctions, traffic sign issues, as well as monitoring of other critical infrastructure. We can also process maintenance requests for local government facilities and vehicles, as well as dedicated reporting of littering and waste services. We are here for you on holidays, during inclement weather conditions, natural disasters or other acts of God. 


We have a telemessaging software system that helps to prioritize and route calls. Our  software is specifically designed for this purpose. Based on your needs, any preferential calls or matters will be transferred to one of our specially-trained telephone agents for message-taking, or dispatching. 

We are well-equipped to provide a high level of competency and service to local, state, and federal government agencies. Our agents undergo special training to learn proper procedures and operations, the terminologies, and scripting. You can rest assured knowing your organization’s calls will receive the right attention in a timely manner with the call center communication experts of A & M. 

Small Operator Groups

We group our operators into small groups. This means that the number of operators answering your calls is kept to a select few. This group answers all of your calls – correctly- to your specifications thereby reducing mistakes. They become overly familiar with your account, how you want your calls handled, what is important to you, and deliver the level of service you expect.

Reduce Labor Costs

Cost efficiency is at the core of our service, A&M plans are billed based on what you use. We help you to save money on hiring full-time staff and all fees associated with managing your agencies phone service system. Your new savings will allow you to invest in resources to improve and continue to provide superior customer care. The citizens will always have a friendly, well-trained agent to speak with.

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