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Does your business host events like conferences, seminars, or trade shows? Planning the event along with your everyday work duties can seem like a daunting task. Engaging A&M’s will help you drive a higher number of targeted audiences to your event. We guarantee a speedy response to every inquiry of your event.

Why A&M will be the right choice for your Event Registration

Hiring A&M as your inbound call center to manage your event registration is exponentially less stressful than registering online through a website or email. Online registration may ask you to create a username and password before registering. We believe that you have so many accounts online already. Why do you need another?

We don’t put your potential registrant calls on hold after answering, and we answer in less than four rings. Your attendees will be pleasantly surprised to hear a friendly, warm voice on the other end of the phone, ready to assist them. 

It’s just the right first impression you will want to make to your registrants and guests.

Accept RSVPs

Available 24/7 with open lines to accept clients who wish to attend your event.

RSVPs reminders

Within days of your event. Attendees are called to remind them about the upcoming event.

How phone answering for event registrations work

We compile information like the event’s date, venue, and other unique details to process the registration of attendees. If you are using an online tool, we can help accelerate the sign-up process by supplying necessary information to the registrant through our event operators. Our trained agents can make outbound calls if there are changes in detail like postponement, cancellation, or change in venue.

While planning your events, we will help to cut out the stress of tending to calls from your attendees. We are sure your attendees will have great guest experiences from the time we engage them to the time the event ends. They will enjoy our personalized assistance. Only A & M can give you the best phone answering and event registration service in the USA.
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In addition to an exceptional event registration service, we can also help you with:

Great team of phone answering agents for your event registration.

Our Lafayette, LA-based agents are professionally trained in top-notch phone answering service skills, virtual receptionist best practices, business etiquette, and client care services.