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CALL SCREENING SERVICES FOR SMALL BUSINESSEasily Identify Priority Clients and Filter Out Annoying Spam Calls with A&M Call Screening Service.

Why use A&M's call screening for your small business?

We have specialists and operations managers who ensure your information is reviewed before being programmed into our system. We use customers’ experiences and feedback to tailor and improve our services, making us one of the best phone screening services for small businesses-providers in the US. 

Fewer missed calls

Our remote call forwarding connects your customers to the appropriate staff by forwarding calls to additional phone numbers aside from your office desk phone.

Skip waiting on hold

Directly connect your customers to the appropriate agent or department without putting them on hold first.

Fewer spam calls

These days spam callers use sophisticated tricks to try to get you to answer the phone. With our call screening for your small business, you can decide if a call is worth picking up or not.

Block unwanted calls

Prevents calls from specific phone numbers, area codes, and zip codes. Also automatically identify calls from known telemarketers.

Automatic Callback

We allow your customers to schedule their preferred callback time, whether that’s later the same day or later in the week.


Send a personalized message to your customers when agents are unable to immediately answer the phone.

Your business will undoubtedly receive massive calls for many reasons ranging from multiple inquiries, order placement, referrals, or collaborations. The call each day can be enormous and tiring; struggling to pick up every call may derail you from focusing on the business. You can apply a call screen to evaluate the incoming calls and prioritize customers’ needs before determining how to manage the call. This can be in the form of asking some questions to determine whether the call needs urgent attention or if it can be addressed later via message or taken to email.

This is one of A & M’s answering services care packages. We can screen through your call so you prioritize the set of preferential customers you want to talk to. As an answering service for small businesses, we have a robust and modern system that manages your preferences and evaluates the call you consider worth your attention. 

Call screening for small business FAQs.

One of the primary benefits is to allow a customer agent to determine if they want to accept the call, reject it, forward it to another representative or department, or let the call go to voicemail.

  1. Provide the customers’ numbers you want to personally answer.
  2. Our operators will then screen those preferential numbers for you for direct contact.
We use live persons and not voicemail to welcome your customer professionally.
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In addition to a reliable call screening service for your small business, we can also help you with:

Great team of phone answering agents.

Our Lafayette, LA-based agents are professionally trained in top-notch phone answering service skills, virtual receptionist best practices, business etiquette, and client care services.